What We Do

We provide creative design, website development, web hosting, social media management and managed internet solutions to clients worldwide. Our clients include large corporations, government agencies, educational institutions, marketing firms, and small businesses.


Our Mission

At OCEANONEEIGHT we provide distinctive quality and creativity, backed by unparalleled customer service and support to clients both locally and internationally. We exhibit irreproachable ethical standards and strive to gain the respect and trust of our valued clients, suppliers, partners and peers in the industry.

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Our Vision

To become the leading provider of cutting-edge creative services in Nigeria and beyond with an untarnished reputation for outstanding customer service and support.

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Whether you need general graphic design services for the traditional print or press media, or for the web; or, professional web hosting or programming solutions, we are confident that we can guide you and your company in the right direction.

Company History

Founded in 2019 as a project management and services company, we ventured into providing website development services in 2020 and have never looked back. Since then, we have taken steps to establish ourselves as one of leading website development firms in Nigeria.

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We have a strong background in traditional graphic design and marketing, and as such, our website designs are known to be aesthetically pleasing, while being consistent with pre-existing client marketing material, and branding. All this, while still being technically sound, and user friendly.

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Some of our core values

Measure our successes based on the results achieved, as well as the time taken to achieve it. Attain excellence through consistent, irreproachable ethical guidelines. Attain excellence through consistent, irreproachable ethical guidelines.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by having online presence?

An online presence is any existence of an individual or business that can be found via an online search. An example of an individual who is not active on the Internet but who has an online presence is one who is a member of an association that has a member directory listing online.

What are the 5 Ways to Improve Your Online Presence
  1. 1. Ask product managers to market products. Statistics show that 96 percent of new businesses fail within the first 10 years. ...
  2. 2. Require closer collaboration between departments. ...
  3. 3. Create a rich user experience (UX). ...
  4. 4. Showcase premium products. ...
  5. 5. Increase data protection. ...
Why Does Your Business Need an Online Presence?

In the digital age, it is absolutely essential for your business to have an online presence. Whether it’s a website, an e-commerce platform, a social media page or a combination of all three, getting your company online will reap major benefits. Even if your company does not conduct business online, customers and potential customers are expecting to see you online. If they don’t see you there, you could be losing out on the opportunity to increase your customer base and get the word out about your business. Here are just a few of the many reasons why your business needs to establish its online presence:

What are the most important steps in building a professional online presence?
  1. 1. Manage your social networks.
  2. 2. Create and maintain a LinkedIn account.
  3. 3. Fill up your Google search results.
  4. 4. Say cheese.
  5. 5. Find your niche and become an expert.

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For more information on how we can help your business build its online presence, please contact us. We’d love to chat! .

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