English Bulldog vs British Bulldog

Many dog owners and lovers always get confused with the term ‘English Bulldog’ and ‘British Bulldog’. Hence, our reason for coming up with this guide on English Bulldog vs British Bulldog.

English Bulldog vs British Bulldog

This guide will take a look at this adorable dog breed. You would notice that I said ‘dog breed’ and not ‘dog breeds’. Yes, this is because both the English Bulldog and the British Bulldog are the same breed – just different names.

It is important to let you know from the get-go that this breed is the same. Some prefer to say ‘English Bulldog’, while some prefer the term ‘British Bulldog’. There is no difference between the two.

History of the English Bulldog

According to historical findings, the Bulldog was created in the 1400s for the then-popular sport of ‘bullbaiting’, which is described as cruel and painful for the animals. In this bullbaiting sport, the Bulldog is made to fight a bull. The bulldogs used then are the ancestors of what we know today as the English Bulldog.

In 1835, however, something happened – the bullbaiting sport was banned in England. This led to a near-extinction for the English Bulldog breed. However, some Bulldog lovers decided to groom and tame the dogs to make them family dogs.

The physique of the British Bulldog was worked upon, they make them a bit smaller and more attractive than what we used to know. The dog’s aggressiveness was tamed, and they were transformed into companion dogs.

The Bulldog has admirers all around the globe and was recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1886. They are the face and mascot of my institutions and sports team.

The Appearance of the English or British Bulldog

The English or British Bulldog has an appearance that makes it stand out from other dogs breeds, thanks to its compact body, short legs, layers of skin, big head, and elaborate snouts.

They are usually between 40-50 pounds in size with a bold and sturdy body. One of the most distinctive features of the English Bulldog is their excessive skin – they have skins that are wrinkled.

English Bulldogs are not tall, this is as a result of their short legs, they are also known to have a huge underbite that distinguishes them from other dog breeds.

According to American Kennel Club (AKC), the English Bulldog has four standard breed colors, and they are: white, fawn, red, and fallow. These colors can be mixed with other colors, markings, and tickings.

What about the chest of the English Bulldog? The British Bulldog has a chest that is wide, muscular, and deep. Their chests are close to the ground.

Size of the English Bulldog Breed

Here is a quick look at the size of the British Bulldog

Weight of the British Bulldog

  • Matured Male English Bulldog: 50 pounds
  • Matured female English Bulldog: 40 pounds

Height of the British Bulldog

  • Matured English Bulldog: 12-15 inches

Characters, Temperament, and Personality of British Bulldog

The British Bulldog has a reputation of being a sociable, sweet, courageous dog, and also an excellent watchdog. They have grown to become good family and companion dogs.

Although they tend to show stubbornness, especially when they are still young or at the peak of their puberty; they are however very friendly and easygoing.

English Bulldogs have a body that tends to scare off intruders; thanks to their face, teeth, and the way they are built. So, you have a great watchdog in them.

When you want to look at the temperament of a dog, many things should be taken into consideration, which includes training, socialization, and lineage. As a result, dogs of the same breed might react differently given the same situation.

English Bulldogs that are given proper training from when they are pups are always cheerful towards the family, also, they don’t intimidate strangers or bully smaller dogs. It is therefore advisable that you give your dog proper training from when they are pups.

Also, you should ensure that you socialize your dogs in their early years, this will help their socialization greatly. This can be done by making them meet other people as well as other dogs. You can as well enroll them in dog socialization classes if there is any in your neighborhood.

Talking about the lineage of a dog in affecting their temperament; it is important you know the temperament of the dog’s parents. If possible, meet at least one of the dog’s parents, and try to determine if it is a sociable and affectionate dog.

Also, it is important you go for dogs that are not too violent or overly calm when choosing from pup litters. Go for the intermediate ones.

The Health of the British Bulldogs

British Bulldogs have loads of health issues. It is therefore important you pay keen attention to their health and ensure they are healthy and live happily.

Below are some health issues that are common to the English/British Bulldog breed:

  • Health problems with breathing: Brachycephalic Airway Obstructive Syndrome, BAOS.
  • Health problems with orthopedic deformities: hip dysplasia, patellar luxation.
  • Health problems with skin: dermatitis, eczema, and demodectic mange.
  • Health problems with eyes: entropion, ectropion, and cherry eye.

Other Health Issues in English Bulldog include:

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Head shakes
  • Heart disease
  • Bloating
  • Interdigital cysts
  • Canine kidney disease
  • Head shakes
  • Pyloric stenosis
  • …among others.

You should not panic that much, they won’t have each of these diseases listed here. It is however important you know the health issues English/British bulldogs are susceptible to.

Caring for English/British Bulldogs

As a result of the structure of their face, they don’t like heat. It is therefore important you keep them in a place that is not extremely hot. If Bulldogs stay where there is excessive heat, they tend to have heat stroke, which is very dangerous to their health.

You can also help cool them by providing them with an airconditioned space, as well as fresh cool water to always help them with hydration.

It is important to note that they don’t do well with swimming. So, if you have a swimming pool or your neighbor does, it is important you keep your dog away from there. Don’t let them go near pools, ponds, beaches, or any body of water without being supervised by an adult.

Exercise for British/English Bulldog

English Bulldogs are not the type of dog that demands much exercise, they are the indoor types, and they should not be stressed for a long period of time, due to their tight air passage.

An exercise of about 15-25 minutes daily is sufficient for a British Bulldog. You can exercise them by taking them for a brief walk around your block.

Final Thoughts on English Bulldog vs British Bulldog

By now, it is my belief that you have learned a lot about the British/English Bulldog. The dog can go by the name English Bulldog or British Bulldog – you are referring to the same breed of dog.

They are wonderful dogs to be kept as pets. Due to the nature of their health, Bulldogs require a lot of attention and care. So if you are the type that is always away without having someone mature enough to take care of the dog; please don’t go for it.

What do you think about our English Bulldog vs British Bulldog guide? Let’s hear your comment below.

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