French Bulldog Blue Eyes

Do you have a Frenchie with blue eyes, or have you ever seen one with blue eyes before?  In this guide, you will learn more about French Bulldog blue eyes. 

French Bulldog Blue Eyes

Frenchies come in various coat colors, which include AKC-approved colors and other rare colors. This, however, is not the only different thing or different color of the French Bulldog. The French Bulldog can also have a different eye color. 

So, you may ask,  what do blue eyes in French bulldogs mean to the health of Frenchies.  Does this eye color affect them? Does it have anything to do with eye problems? This and more you will learn in this guide. 

Let’s take a look at some of the things you need to know about the blue color of the French bulldog eyes. 

Why do French Bulldogs have Blue Eyes?

Humans have different eye colors, and this can be scientifically explained. But, what about French Bulldogs? Can the blue eyes in Frenchies be scientifically explained? Yes. This is usually caused by three factors; namely: genetics, pigmentation, and health issues.

Genetics as Cause of Blue Eyes in Frenchies (Merle and Piebald Genes)

The major reason for Blue eyes in French Bulldogs is due to the genetic occurrence. Blue eyes in Frenchies are found in their M-locus and S-locus genes. Blue eyes in Frenchies occur when a dog carries the recessive gene. On some occasions, blue eyes don’t affect both eyes; rather it only affects one eye.

Pigmentation as Cause of Blue Eyes in French Bulldogs

The melanin levels of a dog can also cause blue eyes. Low melanin levels, which is an eye pigment found in the iris can cause blue eyes in French Bulldogs. Dogs with a high concentration of melanin in their eyes are known to have brown eyes; while a dog with a low concentration of melanin means the color of the dog eye will be lighter. 

Health Issues as a Cause of Blue Eyes in French Bulldogs

Another cause of blue eyes in Frenchie is problems related to their health. If a French Bulldog does not naturally have blue eyes, but then, you start to notice it, then there is a high possibility that it is a result of eye disease. 

The following are eye diseases that can cause blue eyes in French Bulldogs:


Another cause of French bulldog blue eyes is cataracts, which can be inherited, caused by eye damage, poor diet, or diabetes in dogs. They change the color of the eyes to blue or cloudy color.

Nuclear Sclerosis

This tends to affect older dogs; not painful, and its early sign is eye color changing to blue.

Anterior Uveitis

A condition caused by inflammation inside the eyes; signs of this include, squinting, discharge, color changes, scratching, and redness. 

Corneal Dystrophy

This is a genetic eye problem that changes the eye color of a dog, and it also affects their vision. 


Glaucoma is an eye problem in French Bulldog that does not allow proper drainage of fluid in the eyes, and this can lead to total blindness. One of the early symptoms of this is the cloudy or blue color of the eyes.

It is important you consult with your vet on your dog’s chance of eye color. 

Do Blue Eyes in Frenchies Stay Blue Forever?

In some cases, French Bulldog blue eyes turn brown, while in some other cases they remain like that forever. The blue eyes in Frenchies, which is the color of the iris from birth, except for cases or health-related issues. They are secreted by cells known as melanocytes. 

In some cases, especially for French Bulldog puppies, the blue eyes fade away in a few weeks, as the melanocyte responds to light, and gets darker by this. The reason for this is due to the lack of light in their mother’s womb; however, around the 10th week, they develop a permanent eye color.

And in some cases, the eye of the French bulldog can stay blue forever, this is usually in the case of genes or low levels of melanin.

Health Issues Related to French Bulldog Blue Eyes

We all love Frenchies with blue eyes, we adore their cuteness and all; however, you should know that these blue eyes in a way increase the risk of having some health problems. 

In this part of our guide, we will talk about the health problems that blue eyes could cause.

Hearing Loss or Deafness

This health issue is common in Frenchies. Deafness or hearing loss is common in dogs that are carriers of the merle and piebald genes. The merle gene is known to be a causal factor of congenital deafness, while the piebald gene could also cause it.

For a Frenchie to have natural blue eye color, then, this means that the dog carries any of the two genes that are responsible for causing deafness. The color of the eye is not the cause of the deafness or hearing problem, rather, it is the gene associated with both blue eye color and deafness or hearing loss. 

Blindness or Visual Problem 

Loss of sight or eye problems is also peculiar to dogs with blue eyes. The merle gene is associated with this, and this is usually the dominant gene in French Bulldog with Blue eyes. 

It should be noted that the fact that a French Bulldog has blue eye does not necessarily mean that the dog will go blind; however, a French Bulldog with both parents carrying the merle gene as dominant gene will pass this to their offspring, and they are more susceptible to eye problems.

Heterochromia: Can Frenchies Develop One Blue Eye and One Brown Eye?

Yes, French Bulldogs can develop one blue eye and one brown eye or another color. This case is very rare and it is related to what is known as heterochromia. 

Does this pose a risk to the health of the dog? No, it does not pose a special risk. This is usually so right from birth. In a situation whereby your dog develops this all of a sudden, it is important you speak to a vet, as it could imply serious health problems. 

What are the Colors of French Bulldog Eyes?

French Bulldogs are born with somewhat blue-colored eyes, as they grow older, their eyes turn brownish, except in the case of French Bulldog with blue eyes. 

So, the color of the eye of French Bulldogs are:

  • Brown color
  • Blue color
  • Red color (usually caused by illness or having objects in the eye)

French Bulldog with Blue Eyes Coat Colors

Does the coat color of a Frenchie affect the color of its eye? In most cases, the answer is YES. The coat color of a French Bulldog usually affects the color of the eye.

The piebald gene is the cause of color patterns and spots on dog’s coats. The absence of pigmentation is caused by this gene; and as stated earlier that this is usually the cause of blue eyes in Frenchies. 

Blue-eyed Frenchies Coat Colors

  • White French Bulldog
  • Grey French Bulldog
  • Blue French Bulldog
  • Fawn French Bulldog
  • Black French Bulldog

Final Thoughts on French Bulldog Blue Eyes

French Bulldogs are great pets, they are good for the family and wonderful pets for apartments. If you are looking forward to getting a small dog, then the French Bulldog is an excellent choice for you. 

They don’t only get along well with their owners or family members, they are also great dogs when it comes to socialization with other dogs or with other pets. Frenchies are not very active dogs, and they only require about 25 minutes of exercise daily. 

If you are buying a French Bulldog puppy with blue eyes, don’t get too disturbed about it, sometimes, the eye color is yet to change to brown. The best way to get a healthy French Bulldog is to get from a reputable breeder. 

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