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French Bulldog Health Issues 0

French Bulldog Health Issues

French Bulldogs which are also known as the Frenchies are quite known for their health issues. So, we will learn in this article things about the health issues of the French Bulldog and the best way we can prevent them or manage them.

Brindle English Bulldogs 0

Brindle English Bulldogs

This is a guide that will walk you through a particular color the English bulldogs – brindle color. The brindle English bulldogs are not different from other English bulldogs; their difference only lies in their unique and beautiful color.

Can a Bulldog Swim? 0

Can a Bulldog Swim?

You might have different views about Bulldogs and swimming, there are tons of videos out there showing that Bulldogs can swim. Also, there are lots of experts warning against Bulldogs swimming. The question then is – can a Bulldog swim?

French Bulldog Blue Eyes 0

French Bulldog Blue Eyes

Do you have a Frenchie with blue eyes, or have you ever seen one with blue eyes before.  in this guide you will learn more about French Bulldog blue eyes.